Blonde Haircuts

Look for HairCuts the best fashion hairstyles. You will have the tips on short, long and medium-length hair to find a new haircut that will sublime your face.



As the seasons pass, the carré confirms its status as a must-have hairstyle. The stars have set their eyes on the square length for an irresistible glamorous style. The HairCuts plaza becomes more youthful in the U.S. with a straight scissor cut for a very elegant feminine look.

Trends in hair types:

  • Rigid.
  • Curly.
  • Wavy.
  • Flexible.

What kind of fringe to choose?

Bangs twist all haircuts. You should choose a fashion model that highlights the nature of your hair and face features. Follow the guide. Short or sharp, the fringe brings personality to a haircut.


The long stripe is the embodiment of the Parisian retro style booby. It is in turn divided into two locks or fused into a ponytail or chignon for a cool effect.

It’s the big return of the bangs! She twists short cuts and long hair with panache. Thick, sharp, at eye level, it’s up to you to find the best fit for your face. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a facial hairdresser for advice.


The short fringe brings dynamism to all haircuts and can be worn in several ways: straight, curly, conical… There is only the shame of choice. It’s the opposite of a thick fringe. The fine fringe elegantly twists the medium-long hair and the short square cuts and delicately dresses the small fronts.

It can be worn short or long, in fine or thick hair. Light and quite funky, it will give your hair a new life and rejuvenate it without losing its seductive qualities.


As you may have understood, controlling hair volume is essential for wearing a curly fringe. The ideal cut for every hair type and every face shape.

The shaded strip gives character to all the faces. It is suitable for all hair types. Used on the side, it brings a bit of rock to the beauty stage. Do you feel like changing your head on the sidelines? Just contact us today and we’ll come up with different ideas on how to benefit from the world of HairCuts for men and women.

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