What is insurance Car?

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insurance car
insurance car

There are different types of coverage for car insurance. Third party insurance? Theft insurance? What do these different guarantees imply?

What is comprehensive insurance car?

Comprehensive insurance takes into account all possible guarantees to protect the insured in any situation. It is an insurance that can usually be customized according to the needs expressed by the insured. They have the possibility of adding or removing certain options. These changes can lead to a variation in prices.

Third-party insurance is a legally required minimum insurance that protects other road users in case of an accident. It covers expenses in case you cause damage to others.

What is mileage insurance?

Originally from the United States, this insurance allows you to pay according to the kilometers you drive. This means that the insurance premium is calculated based on the actual use of your car. To take out this type of insurance, it is necessary to install an electronic box equipped with a GPS signals in the car. This box transmits the number of kilometres driven to the insurance company.

There are two compulsory insurances for Driving Transport Vehicles. The first one you have is the Professional Civil Responsibility or Operational Responsibility insurance that covers corporate damages.

What is the guarantee of theft?

The second insurance you need to have is that of Civil Responsibility of Traffic to be able to use the vehicle. The guarantee of theft within the framework of the car insurance allows you to cover yourself in the following cases:

  1. Theft of the vehicle
  2. Attempted robbery
  3. Scam or HURT
  4. Abuse of trust.

Depending on the insurers, it may contain one or more of the cases mentioned above. The definition of theft coverage is given by the Insurance Companies.

What is fire coverage?

In a car insurance contract, the fire warranty covers the costs and a replacement of the car. That is, if it is completely destroyed repairs in case of partial damage. This guarantee only works if the damage is due to an accident or a malicious act. In an auto insurance policy, collision coverage provides coverage for damage to your own vehicle if you are at fault or co-responsible.

What is legal protection coverage?

For example, after a dispute with another driver, you can request this support from your insurer. Within your car insurance, wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, assistance coverage allows. However, if you have difficulties in accessing a fast service in case of emergency you should call your insurance agents.

Basic emergency service:

  • Puncture.
  • Misfuelling.
  • Almost instantaneous breakdown.
  • A trailer will come to you or a breakdown service option.

What is the glass breakage guarantee?

The glass breakage cover protects you in case of a claim on the glass surfaces of your car. The insurer may also consider damage to mirrors and headlights. This is an additional guarantee that goes beyond the minimum guarantee required by law.

It covers all damages caused to third parties in case of accidents for which you are responsible. It almost always provides substantial compensation for physical and property damage. For help please my contact. My website is poshnails in online.