Pedicure by fish

Pedicure by fish is something implemented in this new as a means of service for body treatments on the feet of today’s women and men.

pedicure by fish
pedicure by fish

The latter refers to the methods of foot care and beautification. It includes, among other things, foot bathing, the removal of dead cells by exfoliation, and also hydration. All of this helps to soften the skin effectively. Pedicure is also the size of nails, the removal of cuticles, as well as the application of varnishes and other products to improve the aesthetics of the feet. It offers complete care with adapted products and equipment.

We also care for the feet through a session called pedicure by fish

First of all, let us define what calluses are: they are an enlarged thickening of the epidermis, resulting from intermittent or repeated friction. Here are some known causes:

Too tight shoes (tight toes or high heels).
standing for a long time in a repetitive position
open sandals on the back (heels can widen the sides)

  • Overweight
  • Flat or arched feet
  • Health problems (diabetes, thyroid problems, athlete’s foot, eczema, etc.)
  • (Ex. Talon. No changes in the dermal papillae)

It is important to avoid peeling the skin without knowing exactly what to do to avoid a problem that could get worse. In fact, the skin tends to thicken your dermis in case of aggression, which has actually caused calluses. By ripping off your skin, you could simply give a signal for your dermis to thicken even more.

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Which Fish Pedicure

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